2023 Winneshiek County 4-H Awards Banquet held Nov. 12

The annual Winneshiek County 4-H Awards Program was held Nov. 12 at the Winneshiek County Fairgrounds Community Building.

The evening program was planned and conducted by members of the 4-H County Council, 4-H Youth Development Committee, and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach – Winneshiek County Staff.

The program began with the introduction of the 4-H County Council, 4-H members, Clover Kids, Leaders, and the 4-H Youth Development Committee.
The Overall Achievement Awards are the top awards available to 4-H members at the county level. Youth receiving these awards include:
– Achievement in Agriculture: Caylie Adam and Owen Bentley.
– Achievement in 4-H Experience: Karlee Bullerman, Autumn Schmitt, and Brynn Storhoff.
– AK-SAR-BEN: Rylee Averhoff and Caylie Adam.
– Achievement in Leadership: Ruby Timp.
– Achievement in Citizenship: Jadrienne Langreck and Kinsey White.
– Lamp of Knowledge: Kendric Langreck and Autumn Schmitt.
– I Dare You Award: Caylie Adam and Owen Bentley.
– State 4-H & Youth Conference: Henry Schmitt.
– Champion Livestock Awards: Kendric Langreck received the Poultry Award,
Caylie Adam received the Rabbit Award, and Owen Bentley received the Sheep Award.

Club Officers
Club officers are leaders within the 4-H clubs in Winneshiek County. The officer’s integrity and dedication are to their fellow officers, club members, and 4-H leaders. The following youth received an officer award in 2023:

Addison Wicklund (President), Brynn
Storhoff (President), Jadrienne Langreck (Vice President), Kinsey White (Treasurer),
Jack Hammell (Treasurer), Caylie Adam (Historian), Kendric Langreck (Photographer).
Herdsmanship Awards were presented to the Decorah FFA Chapter and the Turkey Valley Clovers 4-H Club for their hard work in the livestock barns at the 2023 Winneshiek County Fair.
The Hesper Helpers were recognized for their club community service work completed throughout the past year. Hesper Helpers club members made an impact on their community by completing several community service projects around Winneshiek County.

Award of Clover

The “Award of the Clover” recognizes 4-H club leaders upon their 5-year intervals of service to the 4-H program. Edna Schrandt was recognized for 55 years of service, Lisa Bullerman and Michelle Schwartzhoff were recognized for 15 years of service, Michelle Einck and Karla Bakken were recognized for 10 years of service, and Kathy Donovan and Staci Kuboushek were recognized for 5 years of service.
Clubs receiving a certificate for their donation of $4.00 per member or more to the Iowa 4-Her’s for 4-H Campaign include the Washington Prairie Peppers, Madison 4-Her’s, Decorah Chiefs, Bloomfield 4-H, Hesper Helpers, and the Turkey Valley Clovers.
4-H Volunteer Awards are given to Junior, Intermediate, Senior 4-Her’s as well as a 4-H Family. 4-Her’s recognized this year included Junior 4-H members: Taylor Hammell and Lucas Fankhauser, Intermediate 4-H members: Jack Hammell and Anders Wicklund,
and Senior 4-H members: Autumn Schmitt and Katrina Hageman.

Special Awards

Our 4-H Family Volunteer Award was presented to Randy and Lisa Hanson.The Meritorious Service Award is a special award given to an individual or business that has supported the 4-H program. The 2023  of the Meritorious Service Award was Dave Sacquitne for his continued support to the Winneshiek County 4-H program. Dave has helped with several projects to better the buildings and equipment used for the Winneshiek County Fair.
The Alumni Award is given to a former 4-Her who has given their time and talent to benefit 4-H members and the 4-H program. The 2023 recipient was Kathy Moen for the time and talent she has shared as the club leader of the Washington Prairie Peppers 4-H Club and as a 4-H Volunteer in Winneshiek County.
The Honorary 4-H Award is given to someone who wasn’t a 4-H member but has still given their time and talents to benefit 4-H members and the 4-H program. The Honorary 4-H Award for 2023 was awarded to Beth Holthaus. Beth served as a staff member at the Winneshiek County Extension Office for approximately 9 years. She was instrumental in developing and supporting many 4-H events in Winneshiek County.

Record Keeping Awards
Clover Kid – Record Book Completion
– Aiden Hemesath
– Audrey Hemesath
– Ossie Nordschow
Junior – First Year 4-H Record Keeping
– Anya Volkmann (Reading Award)
Junior – Record Book Completion
– Lydia Fankhauser (Reading Award)
– Jorgan Lee-Juve
Junior – Outstanding Achievement in Record Keeping
– Taylor Hammell
– Justice Nelson
– Theodore Raabe
– Charlotte DeLaRosa
Intermediate – Outstanding Achievement in Record Keeping
– Isabella Koenig
– Addison Bentley (Food & Nutrition Pin, Horse Pin, Photography Pin, and Sheep
– Atticus Raabe
– Madyson Koch (Dog Pin and Rabbit Pin)
– Carlton Nordschow
– Jack Hammell
Senior – Outstanding Achievement in Record Keeping
– Owen Bentley (Photography Pin)
– Kinsey White
– Brynn Storhoff
– Karlee Bullerman (Clothing Pin, Communications Pin, Food & Nutrition Pin, Meat
Goat Pin, Photography Pin, and Welding Pin)
– Rylee Averhoff (Communications Pin)
– Caylie Adam (Leadership Pin)
– Jadrienne Langreck (Sewing & Needle Arts Pin, Vet Science Pin, and Visual Arts
– Henry Schmitt (Food & Nutrition Pin)
– Ruby Timp (Food & Nutrition Pin and Sewing & Needle Arts Pin)
– Kendric Langreck
– Autumn Schmitt (Clothing Selection Pin)

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