Alternative wellness: More ways to feel better

Is your wellness goal to return you to your pre-symptom status, or is it true wellness that will take beyond and allow you to live your life as your best self?

The old adage goes, “your health is your wealth” and nothing can be truer. There are many aspects of health and wellness that go far beyond the doctor, psychiatrist, pharmacy or clinic we have long relied upon in western medicine, and whatever the cause of some folks’ success, if something works then it’s worth sharing.  Alternative wellness can take many forms which can affect people to varying degrees; physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual.  The Driftless region has many alternative wellness providers who have graciously shared their top tips for a higher level of wellness.

Natural Spine
When we’re discussing wellness, it is important to remember that every body is different; with different goals, needs, capabilities and abilities. Achieving and maintaining wellness hinges on two foundational concepts: our choices and our ability to embrace change. 
Choices. There is a direct correlation to our choices and our body’s feedback. Most Americans are not achieving ideal health due to unhealthy choices that bioaccumulate over time. One cheeseburger on white bread won’t clog your arteries. However, choices accumulate and affect your overall quality of life. Focus on making healthier choices and building them into habits. The road to optimal health isn’t an overnight journey.
Embracing Change. Why is it difficult for people to embrace change? It’s human nature, where we seek physiological, security and social certainty. Some experience fear when certainty is removed; others have no desire for change. However, without change we stagnate. To increase health and well-being, we must keep adapting proactively. Yes, it would have been easier to start years ago, but now is the next best time. Start with a few things you can tackle realistically, then keep going. 
Visit Dr. Scott Gamm at Natural Spine, 704 Commerce Drive in Decorah. Make the choice to change and give yourself the chance to lead the life you deserve. 

Oneota Health Solutions
Dr. Steven Wilke of Oneota Health Solutions encourages you to invest in your “grid:” your nervous system. This system powers everything you do every day. Breathe. Think. Move. Literally, your life depends on it. Your spinal cord is the hub between the brain and the nerves throughout your body.  Take care of it, and your body will be better able to do what you want it to. Chiropractic care that focuses on the way information flows through your nervous system is important for anybody, whether you’re in pain or not.
Listen to your pain. It’s trying to tell you something, but it’s probably not what you think.  Where you feel pain is often not its cause. The area that hurts is only a failed compensation to the actual, deeper cause.  Until the true cause is addressed, the symptoms will return. Not only does routine chiropractic care help attend to the cause of pain, but it helps your body become more resilient and better able to deal with whatever life throws your way. 
Decide what you are looking for. Is your wellness goal to return you to your pre-symptom status, or is it true wellness that will take beyond and allow you to live your life as your best self?
Find Dr. Wilke at Oneota Health Solutions, 211 College Drive in Decorah.

Studio K Skincare Boutique
Kylie Kelly of Decorah’s Studio K Skincare Boutique said it’s important to have some type of daily ritual. “I am always doing a million things every day and no two days look the same, except for my skincare ritual. I started calling it a ritual recently to make it feel like less of a chore and more like something I wanted to do every day. It is my ‘me time,’ and I look forward to it every day. It may only take me five minutes, but it is my time to just de-stress and ‘wash away the day.’” 
Begin your skincare journey by visiting Studio K at 911 S. Mill Street in Decorah.

Thea Satrom, LMT
Thea Satrom, Decorah-based LMT, and Sacred Womb Healer encourages you to create a new consciousness within your body. 

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“Our bodies remember everything that has happened.  By restoring the five circulatory systems through massage (Qi or lifeforce, arterial and venous, lymph and nervous flow) trauma from frights, falls, incidents and injuries is lessened. Often the solution includes adding simple ingredients to our daily routine, like drinking tepid water or the topical application of magnesium and iodine.”

Dharma Retreat 
The key to maintaining wellness is within the balance of our mind, body and spirit connection. The neglect of a person’s mental health or mind, and a disconnection to spirit can cause illness. Yoga can help bridge those connections.
Kundalini Yoga is a type of Hatha Yoga which focuses more on meditation and breathwork than physical exercise. Kundalini Yoga works with our own bodies energetic system to help heal and rebalance the nervous system. It helps rewire our brain, so we don’t always get stuck in the same repetitive patterns in life. According to instructor Michelle Gauer, “This practice allows the practitioner to deepen their connection with themselves, with the divine and empowers them to take control of their mind. Our relationship with wellness ebbs and flows throughout our life. It is acceptance of ourselves, our ability to hold loving space for our own bodies which increases our ability to age gracefully.” 
Kundalini Yoga classes differ from what we usually see in a Yoga class. It can be done sitting in a chair as most of the kriyas (exercises) are done from a sitting position. Meditation, sound therapy with Gong and Breath of Fire are just some of the unique aspects of Kundalini yoga. 
Find Michelle Gauer, LMT, at Dharma Retreat located at 61 North 4th St. in Lansing.

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