City of Decorah to require sidewalk repairs

By Denise Lana,

During its twice-monthly meeting held Monday, July 17, Decorah City Council, along with city staff, identified a number of properties in need of sidewalk repair or replacement. Per Decorah City Code, the city has the authority to require property owners to repair or replace broken or defective sidewalks on his/her property. 

Letters will be mailed to each property owner, ordering the sidewalk on each property be maintained or repaired per the standards outlined in City Code Chapter 12.28. According to the letter, deficiencies range from sidewalk panels with too-wide or too-tall separations, panels with significant holes, chips, or cracks, cross slope is greater than the two-percent maximum allowable slope in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, or if a sidewalk is not present due to being removed previously and never reinstalled. 

Each property owner will need to comply with city code when performing repairs and improvements, including permits and inspections, and the deadline for completion is Nov. 30, 2023. If improvements are not made by the deadline, the city may have the work completed and the costs assessed to the property as taxes. 

All property owners identified as part of this can request a hearing with the city engineer and city manager within 30 days of receiving the letter and may then appeal to the city council within 45 days of receipt. 

Properties identified include: 608 River Street, 702 River Street, 704 River Street, 708 River Street, 309 Vernon Street, 510 S. Mill Street, 601 Maple Avenue, 611 Maple Avenue, 716 Maple Avenue and 306 Frances Street. 

(Originally published in the July 20 Public Opinion, available in print and online. Certain content is presented first to subscribers (print and digital), then released for consumption later)

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