Council awards project bids, sets numerous public hearing dates

By Denise Lana,

The Decorah City Council on March 4 awarded two project bids, set several public hearing dates and discussed many upcoming projects. 

Kicking off the meeting was a declaration read by Mayor Lorraine Borowski proclaiming March as “Music in Our Schools Month.” In the declaration, Borowski encouraged all to celebrate music every day and acknowledge that “music education is an essential part of every student’s well-rounded education.”

Bioretention Cell project

A public hearing was held regarding plans, specifications and bids for the Decorah 2024 Bioretention Cell Project.  The proposed project is for a bioretention cell located next to the Sunflower Development Center at 902 Commerce Drive. The purpose of a bioretention cell is to capture and treat stormwater that runs off impermeable surfaces like parking lots and paved areas. Using various layers of soil, gravel and sand to filter out pollutants, bioretention cells effectively remove substantial percentages of metals, nitrates and phosphorous located in the stormwater. 

No members of the public came forth to speak at the hearing. 

Council then reviewed bids submitted for the project, with City Manager Travis Goedken explaining that the project had competitive bids due to guidelines regarding grant funding for the project. City Engineer Jeremy Bril estimated the project cost at $25,000, and two bids were submitted. Skyline Construction submitted a bid at $27,998.05 and Shift Companies in Cedar Rapids submitted a bid of $28,650. 

The council voted unanimously and awarded the project to Skyline.  

Stormwater Improvements project

A public hearing was held regarding the Decorah 2024 Stormwater Improvements Project. The umbrella project includes an oxbow wetland project and infiltration basin project, and comprises clearing, excavating, grading, installing subdrain and seeding. The Oxbow project is located along Dry Run Creek east of Mill Street between Frances and Vernon Streets. The infiltration basin project is located on the east end of Phelps Park near the intersection of Upper Broadway and Vernon Streets. An oxbow wetland stores excess water that might otherwise lead to flooding, and it also filters water and provides habitat for a variety of wildlife. An infiltration basin helps manage stormwater runoff, helps prevent flooding and erosion, and improves water quality.  

No members of the public came forth to speak at the hearing. 

Council then reviewed the two bids submitted for the project. Skyline Construction put forth a bid of $21,240.65, and Shift Companies submitted a bid of $35,615. Engineer Bril estimated the cost for the project at $40,000. 

The council voted unanimously and awarded the project to Skyline. 

Grant application

Airport project

Airport solar project

Other business

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