DHS speech, drama students excel

Decorah High School (DHS) speech and drama students participated in a local State Large Group Speech Contest on Monday, Feb. 8 at Decorah High School.

The performers had a spectacular showing, earning 22 Division I ratings out of 27 total entries, with the varsity team receiving 19 and the ninth grade team earning four. “As always, our students rise to the occasion and deliver performances that are truly outstanding. We are intensely proud of the work they put into this season,” remarked the directors.

All-State nominations will be released next week.

Varsity Team Division I Entries: Musical Theater A Chorus Line–Directed by Gabe Twedt and Carrie Kauffman Participants include Ally Bouska, Ella Grouws, Tyler Irwin, Sierra Kruger, Ada Lovelace, Noah Lovelace, Jake Magner, and Haywood Stowe. Next to Normal–Directed by Gabe Twedt and Carrie Kauffman. Participants include Amber Hussain, Leila Johnson, Mikiah Krieg, AJ Morrow, and Dylan Muhlbauer. Ensemble Acting Almost, Maine–Directed by Cydney Weitzel Participants include Nadia Johnson, Simon Mumford, Wyatt Hackman, Jake Magner, Tyler Irwin, and Anja Madsen. The Whole Shebang–Directed by Cydney Weitzel Participants include Alex Kane, Max Wilson, Alex Irwin, Mya Numedahl, Izzy Kingsbury, and Maggie Kane. Solo Mime–Directed by Molly Holkesvik, Gabe Twedt, and Carrie Kauffman “Cake Loss”–Kendra Bigler “Clementine–Ally Bouska “Level Up”–Junior Battle Group Mime– Directed by Molly Holkesvik and Carrie Kauffman “Get Away” Participants include Brinley Krivachek, Ellie Luzum, Chloe Chyle, MiKenna Martin, Grace Bachelder, and Paige Lange. “Pregnancy Pickle” Participants include Sally Laybourn, Amanda Kavan, Rebecca Anderson, Fiona Buresh, Anja Madsen, and Ruby Sullivan. “Jumanji” Participants include Neptune Atwell, Julia Schwarz, Grace Neal, Thea Schissel, Annalise Skrade, and Emily Carolan. Readers Theater–Directed by Gabe Twedt and Carrie Kauffman “She Kills Monsters” Participants include Junior Battle, Kendra Bigler, Karen Henriquez, Sierra Kruger, Noah Lovelace, Sarah Pedlar, Peter Wilson, Sofie Grouws, Mya Numedahl, Amber Hussain, Ramsey Zilka, David Olson, Ethan Stravers, and Carter Kowitz. Choral Reading–Directed by Molly Holkesvik “The Complete History of America Abridged” Participants include Peter Wilson, Luke Walter, Ellen Rooney, Maggie Kane, Leslie Campbell, Julia Alberts, Amanda Kavan, Clara Rooney, Sophia Christman, Michael Njus, Ella Grouws, Drew Chamberlain, Nolan Jacobsen, Lydia Ihde, and Alex Kane. One Act–Directed by Rachel Breitenbach-Dirks and Cydney Weitzel Tracks Participants include Sarah Pedlar, Anna Tallier, Matthew Smith, Rebecca Anderson, Ellen Rooney, Emma Humpal, and Dylan Muhlbauer. TV News–Directed by Molly Holkesvik and Gabe Twedt “Transformation” Participants include Mya Redenius, Liz Clement, Rebecca Bruening, Sofie Grouws, Wyatt Hackman, Jenna Lundtvedt, Koryn Bakken, Anya Lovstuen, Fiona Buresh, Morgan Dlhy, Karen Henriquez, Franklin Lesmeister, and Sophia Christman. “Destination Driftless” Participants include Abby Milburn, Britann Mittelle, Amelia Dugger, Samantha Reilly, Karter Einck, Ashley Schneberger, Lydia Ihde, Anna Tallier, Emma Nierengarten, Edwin Holyoake, Neptune Atwell, Max Wilson, Kaia Neal, Annika Franzen, and Drew Berns. Radio–Directed by Gabe Twedt KOOP Participants include Abby Moen, Katelyn Christensen, Alysa Hanson, Easton Luzum, Luke Walter, Sylvia Sandhorst, and Morgan Moen. KEEP Participants include Izaak Eichinger, Daniel Skrade, Liz Clement, Morgan Dlhy, Michael Njus, Kailyn O’Gara, and Ruby Sullivan. Short Film Lanterns–Directed by Molly Holkesvik Participants include MiKenna Martin, Rachel Bower, Samantha See, Clara Rooney, Annika Franzen, Paige Lange, Morgan Moen, Brielle Buresh, Mara Holland, Kailyn O’Gara, Ellie Luzum, Abby Halverson, Sylvia Sandhorst, Amelia Dugger, and Samantha Reilly. Listen–Directed by Molly Holkesvik and Rachel Breitenbach-Dirks Participants include Isaac Cooper, Karter Einck, Arlo Hayes, Grace Thompson, Britann Mettille, Chloe Chyle, Easton Luzum, Emily Carolan, Grace Neal, Julia Schwarz, Cai Brevig, Hogan Smith, Brinley Krivachek, and Annalise Skrade. Varsity Team Division II Entries: Group Improv–Directed by Molly Holkesvik, Gabe Twedt, and Rachel BreitenbachDirks Participants include the following: Group One: Madi Castro, Matthew Smith, Grace Bachelder, and Koryn Bakken Group Two: Larsson Shockey, Nadia Johnson, Landan Folkedahl, Abby Milburn, and Sally Laybourn. Ensemble Acting Rabbit Hole–Directed by Rachel Breitenbach-Dirks Participants include Jenna Hartz, AJ Morrow, Ethan Stravers, Rebecca Bruening, and Anya Lovstuen. Varsity Teams Also Participating in Contest: Group Improv–Directed by Molly Holkesvik, Gabe Twedt, and Rachel BreitenbachDirks Participants include the following: Group Three: Isaac Cooper, Izzie Kingsbury, Julia Alberts, Gabe Anderson, and Alex Irwin. Ninth Grade Team Division I Entries: Readers Theater–Directed by Gabe Twedt and Carrie Kauffman “The Invisible Dragon” Participants include Evon Leitz, Skylar Cole, Abby Valkosky, Brynn Storhoff, Sydney Kipp, Gabriel Hiner, Lucas Arndt, Nathaniel Roberts, and Braunwyn Darrington. TV News–Directed by Molly Holkesvik “Iowa Heroes” Participants include Elizabeth Pritchard, Simon Kutz, Joe Stammeyer, Faith Meyer, Cody Carolan, Alex McGohan, Henry Weis, Peter Essa, Jorja Folkedahl, Alexis Walker, Kathryn Kelly, Jensen Korsness, Anders Lovstuen, Hayley Stowe, and Cori Timm. Radio–Directed by Gabe Twedt KOZY Participants include Jensen Korsness, Faith Meyer, Kenzie Monk, Simon Kutz, Hannah Gjere, Kelley Gates, and Brenna Parker. Ensemble Acting–Directed by Rachel Breitenbach-Dirks “The Santaland Diaries” Participants include Gabriel Hiner, Kathryn Kelly, Libby Phillips, Danielle Rix, Lucas Arndt, and Peter Essa. Ninth Grade Team Division II Entries: Group Improv–Directed by Molly Holkesvik, Gabe Twedt, and Rachel BreitenbachDirks Participants include the following: Group One: Anders Lovstuen, Joe Stammeyer, Hayley Stowe, Cori Timm, and Braunwyn Darrington.

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