Judgement against Jones in civil case

By Samantha Ludeking, Driftless Journal Production Manager

Marsha Angell won the final judgement in Chickasaw County Court in the June 7 non-jury trial in the civil case against Tin, Rust and Harmony store owner Mindy Jones for non-payment of Angell’s merchandise Jones sold in her Harmony, Minn. store in 2021. Jones, of Waterloo, did not appear at trial, and was found in default.

Angell sold Jones products to resell in her Harmony store, and Jones gave payment checks to Angell that were returned by the bank due to non-sufficient funds. The NSF checks totaled $33,437.29. In addition, Jones failed to pay Angell for $5,076.53 of inventory. 

In judgment against Tin, Rust and Harmony, LLC, Judge Richard Stochl awarded Angell not only the amount owed from NSF checks, but interest on those amounts totaling approximately $1,500, and the unpaid commission for items to the tune of just under $800.

In a judgement against Jones, the judge ordered Jones to pay the $10,000 for the loan still owed, with interest accumulated to an additional $1,500 and all of Angell’s attorney fees.

The total judgement for Angell was $37,494.20 from Tin, Rust and Harmony, and $55,750.32 from Mindy Jones.

Jones is facing 14 felony charges in this same incident at trial in Fillmore County, Minn., scheduled for Tuesday, June 20, at 9 a.m. 

Jones’ pretrial conference for the Allamakee County charges for Arson in the First Degree and Animal Mistreatment in the matter of Jones’ Tin, Rust and Harmony store in Waukon destroyed by fire in February 2022 has been set for Sept. 11 with a jury trial scheduled to begin at Oct. 4. Her Fillmore County trial for 33 counts of felony theft and forgery charges totaling over $37,000 for allegedly depositing a friend’s checks to Jones’ accounts without his knowledge is set for Oct. 9. 

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