Klimesh’s Corner: exciting week eight in the legislature

By Mike Klimesh

We watched the governor sign historic tax relief into law and then watched her tell Iowa’s story on a national stage.

Week eight in the legislature was a busy but exciting week. We watched the governor sign historic tax relief into law and then watched her tell Iowa’s story on a national stage. We debated common-sense bills to help everyday Iowans and met with constituents on the issues important to them, like people supporting biofuels and Iowa’s community colleges.
Governor Kim Reynolds delivered the official Republican response to Biden’s State of the Union address Tuesday night. She shared her condolences for the citizens of Ukraine and criticized Biden’s approach to foreign policy. The governor recognized the pain families are feeling due to rising inflation and called out Biden for his decisions causing Americans to face such enormous, everyday costs. We are proud of Governor Reynolds for representing Iowa and giving our nation an example of strong leadership.
One of the bills the Senate passed this week was Senate File 2022, which passed unanimously. This bill allows individuals with a cosmetology or barbering license to practice in any location a customer requests their services and expands options for mobile salons. This was a common-sense, freedom-based piece of legislation that removes a governmental burden for individuals who are taking initiative to work and meet the needs of their clients.
We also debated Senate File 2356, authorizing individuals with proper credentials to serve without compensation as substitute teachers. This bill gives individuals the freedom to donate their time, rising to the needs of their community. It is another tool to help address the workforce shortage and support our schools.

Historic Tax Relief signed into law
Tuesday was a day to remember as many of us watched Governor Kim Reynolds sign House File 2317, this year’s historic tax relief bill, into law hours before she would give the Republican response to President Biden’s State of the Union address.
A central goal this year was tax reform, motivated not only by the billions in overpayments by Iowans, but the desire to make Iowa more competitive with neighboring states and make it a place people want to live and retire. House File 2317 takes the next step in cutting income taxes for hard-working Iowans and sets us further down the path to eliminating the income tax in Iowa.
To achieve our goal of effective tax relief, House File 2317 enacts a 3.9 percent flat tax for all Iowans and simplifies Iowa’s complicated tax code. This transformational change moves Iowa from the eighth highest income tax rate in the country to the fourth lowest and means more money in the pockets of all Iowans.Ensuring Iowans keep more of their hard-earned money, a principle that is proving even more important as Iowans face rising prices for everyday items and the things they need for their families.
I am proud of the work done on this legislation and happy to see it signed into law this week. This tax cut is going to have a big impact on Iowans and their families, set Iowa up for more future growth, and improve economic success among Iowans.

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