Local Celebrities, Secret Identities’ offered at library

A monthly program series called "Local Celebrities, Secret Identities" is continuing at the local library in March.

Decorah Public Library will continue a monthly program series called “Local Celebrities, Secret Identities” designed to highlight interesting work being done by members of the community.

The March program in the series is called “The Getup: Building a Sustainable, Community-Based Business” and is presented by Lisa Lantz. The program will take place at Convergence Ciderworks on March 15 at 7 p.m.

When Lisa Lantz launched The Getup in 2017, she thought she was just filling a need in NE Iowa for buying and selling kids clothes. She didn’t know she was on a path to building a small business rooted in sustainability and community. Fast forward 5 years and she and her husband Scott have turned The Getup into a model for creating a circular economy that connects abundance with need. Find out how this approach supports both the business and the customer and can be a model for any small business, especially in a rural setting.

For more information about this presentation or the series, please contact Zach Row-Heyveld at Decorah Public Library by e-mail at: zrow-heyveld@decorahlibrary.org or by calling 563-382-3717.