Loud and clear: TV classrooms boast new voice amplification system

Third graders pictured with their new amplification system. (submitted photo)

Third and fourth grade classrooms at Turkey Valley are sounding a lot clearer nowadays, thanks to the state-of-the-art Frontrow amplification system. 

The system provides teachers and students with enhanced voice projection capabilities – ensuring all voices are heard loud and clear and students can focus more effectively on the subject matter.

The Turkey Valley Education Foundation recently invested in the cutting-edge system to ensure an inclusive educational atmosphere where every student feels empowered to actively engage in classroom discussions and presentations. With the system in place, teachers, students or guest speakers can amplify their voices effortlessly, reaching every corner of the classroom without straining their vocal cords. 

Additionally, the introduction of a microphone for student use during presentations has been met with enthusiasm and excitement from students; they look forward to opportunities to use the microphone and enthusiastically share their ideas with classmates.

Students express appreciation of the clarity and ease of communication offered by the technology. Teachers Mrs. Vsetecka and Mrs. Rausch are in agreement, as they can now speak at a more natural level and their voices are not strained at the end of the day.

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