Middle School Orchestra collaborates with composer

Decorah Middle School orchestra students have been actively engaged in a groundbreaking musical endeavor as part of the Commission Possible Project.

Led by composer Jessica Meyer, this project aims to empower students by involving them in the creative process of music composition.
Under the guidance of Meyer, the students from Decorah Middle School played an integral role in every stage of the composition process. From generating artistic ideas to providing feedback on draft compositions, the students actively contributed to shaping
the final piece of music. Their collaboration with Meyer culminated in the creation of a captivating new musical work, “The Forest’s Call.”
“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Jessica Meyer on this exciting project,” said Jennifer Larson, orchestra teacher at Decorah Middle School. “The students’ involvement in the composition process has been incredibly rewarding, allowing them to explore their creativity and musical talents in new ways.”
The Commission Possible Project not only provides students with a unique opportunity to engage with contemporary music but also fosters collaboration, critical thinking, and artistic expression. By partnering with a professional composer like Jessica Meyer,
Decorah Middle School has demonstrated its commitment to providing enriching experiences that inspire and empower students. Decorah Music Boosters have funded this project.
Jessica Meyer will spend a day engaging with students at both Decorah Middle School and Decorah High School as part of an educational outreach initiative. There will be a special performance at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 18, in the Carrie Lee auditorium. Those seeking more information can contact Jennifer Larson – email: jennifer.larson@decorah.school or the Commission Possible website

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