Omnibus hearing in Kingsbury Case rescheduled

The omnibus hearing originally scheduled for Thursday, July 20, for Adam Fravel, charged with two counts of second degree murder, has been rescheduled to Sept. 22 at 3 p.m., at the Winona County District Court, court room 1. Fravel, a 29-year-old Mabel, Minn., native, is charged in the disappearance and death of 26-year-old Madeline Kingsbury who went missing March 31. 

Kingsbury remained missing until June 7, when a Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office deputy searched a rural area routinely maintained by the Fravel family and discovered human remains wrapped in a sheet and secured with black tape. The remains were later identified as Kingsbury and the medical examiner ruled the cause of death as homicidal and homicidal violence. 

Fravel was arrested later that same day and was arraigned June 8. Fravel would be allowed supervised visitation with the children at a secure location. Fravel is currently housed at Olmstead County Adult Detention Center in Rochester, Minn. On June 30, the Winona County Attorney Karion Sonneman petitioned her intent to seek an aggravated sentence in the case due to the cruelty shown the victim, up to a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison if Fravel is found guilty. 

He has denied any involvement in Kingsbury’s disappearance and death.  

A memorial near the area where the remains of Madeline Kingsbury were found.

Timeline of Kingsbury’s disappearance and investigation

March 31

8:05 a.m.: Kingsbury is seen dropping children at daycare

8:15 a.m.: Kingsbury sends a text message to her sister, with no further messages sent

9:44 a.m.: Kingsbury’s van is seen at shared residence — a person in a light colored coat is seen bending over the front of the van, appearing to remove the front license plate

9:47 a.m.: Van is still in driveway and person appears to be reinstalling a license plate

9:55 a.m.: Person wearing light-colored coat or sweatshirt gets into van while it is parked at the residence

10 a.m.: The van is no longer at the residence

10:02 a.m.: Van is seen parked at gas station, with person wearing light-colored coat and matching the general description of Fravel is seen pumping gas; license plate on the van matches the plate registered to Fravel’s car and not the van

10:31 a.m.: Van is back at residence

11:26 a.m.: Van drives away from residence

11:44 a.m.: Van matching description is seen traveling south on Hwy 43 in the direction of Rushford and Mabel

11:56 a.m.: Van matching description is seen traveling south on Hwy 43 in Rushford in the direction of Mabel

11:59 a.m.: Van matching description is seen traveling south on Hwy 43 south of Rushford and in the direction of Mabel

12:44 p.m.: Van matching description is seen traveling north on Hwy 43 in the direction of Rushford and Winona

12:47 p.m.: Van matching description is seen traveling north on Hwy 43 in Rushford

1 p.m.: Van matching description is seen traveling north on Hwy 43 then turned east onto Winona County Road in the direction of Winona

1:28 p.m.: Van matching description is seen in the driveway of shared residence

8:20 p.m. and later

  • Friend of Kingsbury contacts Winona Police Department, concerned about Kingsbury’s lack of calls or texts that day
  • Officer visits residence and sees no-one inside and no-one answers the doors
  • Officer speaks with Kingsbury’s father and discovers she has not had any contact with any family members that day
  • Officer speaks with Fravel vis telephone, who says he has not heard from Kingsbury since early that morning
  • Officer performs a welfare check inside the residence and determines no-one is inside
  • Investigators note that the van outside the residence has the proper registered plates on it


April 1

  • A search warrant for the residence is granted, and no overt signs of struggle are observed
  • Kingsbury’s cell phone, jacket, and purse, as well as her work laptop computer, are located in the residence


April 1-2

  • Investigators question Fravel multiple times and discover that they had been in an off-and-on relationship for seven years, during which they had two children, ages 5 and 2
  • Fravel says Kingsbury admitted to him she had recently become involved in a relationship with another man
  • Fravel states he left his residence in the van at around 10:15am March 31 to run errands, which included traveling to his parents’ home near Mabel and taking items to a storage facility in Winona
  • Fravel states he had to complete several extra trips between the storage unit and his parents’ residence due to a mix-up of items transported
  • After arriving back home, Fravel notes his car was in the driveway and assumes Kingsbury had carpooled to her job in Rochester
  • Fravel remains at the residence until time to pick up the children, texts Kingsbury with no response throughout the afternoon



  • Investigators learn that a friend of Kingsbury’s was video chatting with Kingsbury in 2020 or 2021 and witnessed Fravel strike Kingsbury in the face with his hand; the friend also observed several bruises on Kingsbury’s face
  • A forensic extraction from an iPhone reveals a message between Kingsbury and Fravel, where she tells him, “You know I am not really okay with or over the fact that you put your hand around my neck and pushed me down in front of the kids …”. to which he replied, “You’ll adjust.”


June 7

  • Human remains are found in a rural area in Fillmore County, approximately one mile from Hwy 43 between Choice and Mabel and near Fravel’s parents’ residence. The remains are wrapped in a grey fitted bed sheet and closed with black “Gorilla” tape. During a previous search of the shared residence, investigators noted there was a roll of black “Gorilla” tape that was the same color and width
  • The grey fitted sheet appears to be similar to other bedding at the shared residence
  • The air mattress from the residence is missing a fitted sheet but the pillowcases on the mattress match the fitted sheet found
  • Remains are positively identified as Kingsbury, using dental records and tattoos
  • Fravel is arrested


June 8

  • Fravel is arraigned and charged with two counts of murder in the second degree, one charge with intent but no premeditation and one without intent


Sept. 22

  • Omni hearing is rescheduled from July 20 due to more discovery pending

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