Protecting free speech and other First Amendment rights

By Mike Klimesh

The Senate completed week 17 of this legislative session, working on our priorities for Iowans and finishing up the last bills of the year.

The Senate completed week 17 of this legislative session, working on our priorities for Iowans and finishing up the last bills of the year. We passed several more bills, some sent back to us from the House. One of these bills was House File 744, protecting free speech and other First Amendment rights at state universities and K-12 schools. The Senate has debated this bill before. It does several things, such as prohibiting retaliation against a member of the campus community or school district who files a complaint, requiring First Amendment training for members of the campus community and requiring a disciplinary hearing if a faculty member knowingly and intentionally restricts freedom of speech.
The Senate also passed Senate File 356, limiting civil liability for persons involved in agricultural tourism. This bill provides limited liability protections for agritourism businesses from injuries occurring due to the inherent risks of farming, such as the behavior of farm animals or the operation of equipment used on a farm. The liability protections do not apply if the injury was caused by an action or inaction performed by the farmer that was illegal, intentional, reckless or grossly negligent. This bill helps promote agritourism in Iowa and reduce costs incurred by potentially frivolous lawsuits.
When we set out our priorities at the beginning of the year, they included helping Iowa recover from the pandemic, passing tax relief for hard-working Iowans and implementing responsible, conservative budgets for the state. This week WalletHub reported Iowa ranked second in the country for fastest recovery following the pandemic. Iowa also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country; April general fund receipts were the highest in Iowa’s history for that month. Additionally, Iowa has more job openings than people looking for work, making it even more important to pass legislation that will grow our state, expand the workforce and help businesses find the qualified workers they need. 
Iowa is in a great position to cut taxes and help taxpayers keep more of the money they earned. The Senate has passed several bills this year aimed at this goal. We have passed bills to remove the triggers put into place by the 2018 tax bill and give Iowans the tax relief they deserve. The Senate also has passed legislation to provide over $100 million in property tax relief to Iowa taxpayers, while also providing increased funding for mental health services.
Ideally, the legislature will conclude this session having accomplished these priorities for Iowans this year, but we are still working out the details of a compromise with the House of Representatives. We are not sure what the coming weeks will look like at the Capitol, but I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to me with questions and concerns about what is happening and the bills the legislature is considering. I look forward to hearing from you as we continue to work towards adjournment for the year.
A Personal Point
With the legislative session slowing down I continue to look forward to the interim where I will be able to work thoroughly on difficult policy issues – making sure they impact Iowans in the best possible ways. I am glad, as always, to get the chance to continue to represent my constituents.

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