Public Health offers tips for dealing with heat wave

Thermometer vector icon with sun heat temperature scale for summer weather

Winneshiek County Public Health is offering some helpful suggestions for dealing with the expected extreme temperatures later this week.

· Stay in an air-conditioned place as much as possible.

· Use your stove or oven less often to help keep your house cooler.

· Drink plenty of fluids, particularly water. Sugary and alcoholic drinks may dehydrate you further.

· Avoid hot and heavy meals.

· If you must be outdoors, pace your activity. Try to do your work when it’s cooler and rest often in shady areas. If exertion in the heat makes your heart pound and leaves you gasping for breath, stop all activity and get into a cool area and rest.

· Do not leave people or pets in a parked car with the windows cracked open.

· Anyone can suffer a heat-related illness but some people are at higher risk and include:

o Infants and young children;

o Those over 65;

o Those who are overweight

o Those with a high blood pressure or heart conditions.


For more information about what to look for and what to do for heat-related illness, please visit:

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