Qualifying Iowa students can now attend Luther tuition free under new Iowa Impact Award

Luther College is making a personalized education more accessible through their new Iowa Impact Award.

Luther College is making a personalized education more accessible through their new Iowa Impact Award.

Incoming Iowa students with a GPA of at least 3.5 and a family Adjusted Gross Income of $70,000 or less will qualify for free tuition for all four years of their undergraduate experience as long as they live on campus and continue to meet the qualifications.

“At Luther, we have a commitment to developing the talents and skills of young people who go on to lead lives of impact. The Iowa Impact Award speaks to that mission and opens the doors to students who may have thought the kind of personalized education experience Luther offers was unattainable,” said President Jenifer K. Ward. “From travel-away experiences to graduate-level research projects, there are unlimited opportunities and we are thrilled to be able to offer this to as many Iowa students as possible.”

In the current year, the cost of tuition at Luther is $46,130. The Iowa Impact Award will cover the cost of tuition for all four years, as long as students qualify, including any price increases.

State, federal and institutional funds would combine to cover more than $185,000 during a four-year undergraduate experience, meaning the total cost to attend Luther could be less than the state’s three major universities. Iowa Impact Award recipients would only have to pay for room and board and other smaller-scale fees like textbooks. Maria Morales is an admissions counselor and 2020 graduate of Luther College. As someone who would have qualified for this award, she realizes how impactful it will be.

“This award would have relieved some of the financial burden and stress I experienced as an incoming first-generation student,” said Morales. “Taking out private loans wasn’t ideal, however, it was the only way I was able to continue being a student. The Iowa Impact Award would have provided me with comfort knowing my tuition piece would be taken care of all four years.”

 As Morales prepares to travel across the state to connect with high school students, she is keeping in mind the conversations she had with her college peers, many of whom were just like her: driven to succeed, but in financial need.

“Many of my friends worked every summer to save up to pay for their semester, some only took out private loans, some spent significant time on outside scholarship opportunities and others had to make the decision to leave Luther. With this award, I’m certain I would have not had to worry so much about working to get by but rather spend time on my studies and with friends and family,” said Morales. “I am so excited to be able to offer this award to future students and I hope it encourages more families to look into a liberal arts education.”

No special scholarship application is needed. Students only have to apply to Luther and complete the FAFSA by March 1, 2022. Find complete details about the Iowa Impact Award and other Luther scholarships at luther.edu/scholarships.

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