State music festival held virtually

DHS students performed well at a recent virtual music festival.

The Decorah High School Music Department participated in the annual Iowa High School Music Association Solo and Small Ensemble Music Festival virtually via video recorded submissions.
Approximately eighteen 3A schools from Eastern Iowa were involved. This is an adjudicated festival in which students receive one of five division ratings for their performance: Division I “Superior” rating, Division II “Excellent” rating, Division III “Good” rating, Division IV “Fair” rating, Division V “Poor” rating. The ratings are based on a point scale.
It was a successful festival for the DHS Music Department. Each judge is allowed to present one “Outstanding Performance” award for the performance they deem to be the most superior of the day. Of the fifteen judges overall in the vocal, orchestra, and band categories, four of them awarded the “Outstanding Performance” award to DHS musicians. Students were accompanied on piano by Dean Beckman, Mary Beth Bouska, Chris Hadley, Kayla Scholl, and Denise Wegge. Musicians receiving “Outstanding Performance” awards include Elias Vorvick, Trombone; Leila Johnson, Vocal Solo; CC Bass Clef Octet (Nolan J
ostand, Peter Wilson, Tyler Irwin, Noah Lovelace, David Olson, Matthew Smith, AJ Morrow, Luke Walter); and CC Bass Clef Quartet (Nolan Jostand, Dylan Muhlbauer, Thomas Ostlie, AJ Morrow). Receiving a Perfect Score were the following: Elias Vorvick, Euphonium; Peter Wilson, Euphonium; Elias Vorvick, Trombone; Ally Bouska, Vocal Solo; Leila Johnson, Vocal Solo; Sierra Kruger, Vocal Solo; Dylan Muhlbauer, Vocal Solo; CC Treble Clef 10 (Fiona Buresh, Mikiah Krieg, Jenna Lundtvedt, Leila Johnson, Maggie Kane, Ally Bouska, Sierra Kruger, Anja Madsen, Maria Hendrickson, Amber Hussain); CC Treble Clef 12 (Morgan Dhly, Mikiah Krieg, Paige Lange, Karen Henriquez, Anya Lovstuen, MiKenna Martin, Annika Franzen, Lauren Johnson, Riley Wilson, Koryn Bakken, Brielle Buresh, Mara Holland); CC Bass Clef Octet (Nolan Jostand, Peter Wilson, Tyler Irwin, Noah Lovelace, David Olson, Matthew Smith, AJ Morrow, Luke Walter); and CC Bass Clef Quartet (Nolan Jostand, Dylan Muhlbauer, Thomas Ostlie, AJ Morrow). Division I – Superior Ratings: Solos (total: 35) Euphonium: Elias Vorvick, Peter Wilson; Trombone: Elias Vorvick; Percussion: Colin Brauer, AJ Morrow; Percussion (Mallet): Mara Pankow; Piano: Gabriel Hiner, Sylvia Sandhorst; Violin: Ella Grouws, Gabriel Hiner, Adrian Huang, Noah Lovelace, Lydia Monreal-Rice; Viola: Rose MartinsenBurrell; Cello: Simon Kutz, Ada Lovelace, Anja Madsen, David Olson; Soprano: Leila Johnson, Maggie Kane, Mikiah Krieg, Ada Lovelace, Rorie Wiedow; Alto: Ally Bouska, Jenna Hartz, Maria Hendrickson, Amber Hussain, Sierra Kruger, Riley Wilson; Tenor: Nolan Jostand, Noah Lovelace, Dylan Muhlbauer, Michael Njus, Peter Wilson; and Bass: Luke Walter. Ensembles (total: 12) Low Brass Choir, Percussion Choir, String Duet: Stravers and Arendt, Vocal Duet: F. Buresh & B. Buresh, Madrigal Singers, CC Chamber Singers, CC Chamber Choir, Bass Clef Quartet (Jostand, Muhlbauer, Ostlie, Morrow), CC Bass Clef Octet (Jostand, P. Wilson, T. Irwin, N. Lovelace, Olson, Smith, Morrow, L. Walter), CC Bass Clef 10 (Njus, Haywood Stowe, Jacobsen, Muhlbauer, Berns, Chamberlain, Folkedahl, Eichinger, Ostlie, Shedinger), CC Treble Clef 12 (Dhly, Krieg, Lange, Henriquez, Lovstuen, Martin, Franzen, Lauren Johnson, R. Wilson, Bakken, B. Buresh, M. Holland), and CC Treble Clef 10 (F. Buresh, Krieg, Lundtvedt, Leila Johnson, M. Kane, Bouska, Kruger, Madsen, Hendrickson, Hussain). Division II – Excellent Ratings: Solos (total: 24) Flute: Jenna Hartz; Bass Clarinet: Carter Kowitz; Alto Saxophone: Brenna Parker; Trumpet: Tyler Irwin, Alex Kane; Percussion: Alex McGohan, Aidan Nalean-Carlson, Kassidy Steines; Timpani: Mara Pankow; Piano: Leila Johnson; Violin: Sophia Christman, Arlo Hayes, Amber Hussain, Sylvia Sandhorst, Hope Stahl, Ramsey Zilka; Viola: Cedrik Beiwel, Payton Taylor; Cello: Jenna Lundtvedt, Riley Wilson; Soprano: Morgan Moen; Tenor: Tyler Irwin, Nolan Jacobsen; and Bass: Drew Chamberlain. Ensembles (total: 2) Woodwind Choir and CC Treble Clef 9 (Bigler, Kingsbury, Nierengarten, Mettille, Milburn, Rooney, Humpal, Ihde, Tallier)

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