The Fourth Wise Man

(Retired Lutheran Pastor Ole Winter shares “Everything I ever needed to know I learned on a small Iowa Dairy Farm”  with Driftless Journal readers)

Deep from the recesses of my brain a Christmas time cartoon popped up recently. The Magi (Wise men) are riding their camels with precious gifts in search of the new born king. One carries some gold, another frankincense and the third some myrrh. Just behind is a fourth Wise man carrying a package of Pampers! 
Down through the centuries the “New Born King” has been honored in many ways. Immense cathedrals were raised in his name and precious jewels were placed in the crowns of his statues inside those magnificent buildings.
Michelangelo honored him by painting the ceiling of the Sistine chapel while others found his form a in a block of marble. Bishops wear gem covered crosses and gold ones adorn the necks of men and women.
So who rides the fourth camel these days? Who brings the “pampers?” 
Since the King has no need, how should we “fourth camel riders” honor that King’s subjects? Let me make some suggestions of others in that caravan following the Magi.
One rider I knew, carried a broom or mop. She volunteered to do housecleaning at a home where there had been a death; she let others bring the hot dishes. It embarrassed some shy Scandinavians when she came, but most let her in!
One rider was an WW2 vet-octogenarian who weekly volunteered to polish the floors of our sanctuary so beautifully you could use them as mirrors.
His “pampers” gift was to clean floors.
Instead of a camel, I have seen loaded pick up trucks heading for the building site of a “Habitat for Humanity” home so another low income family may have a simple home.
It was not a camel, but this widow loved to drive her car. We have a fine taxi service, but she was a service of convenience, consideration and economy for others.
Get in line folks. There is always some way in which we can be the “Pampers carrier” to someone in need and to honor the King.

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