Adopt a county road?

By Julie Fischer, Decorah

Since the Board of Supervisors chose to first eliminate and later freeze funds for the IRVM program, Monday meetings have involved an ardent search for facts, figures and information. The public has respectfully asked for the board’s rationale. Various citizens have been granted time to address the board. And I have been grateful for that opportunity. I have learned more about the many difficult decisions in administrating county affairs than what I brought to the discussion.

However, this past Monday I felt ashamed. When Tom Hansen got up to speak, due to noise-making amongst the attending crowd, he was not granted the full respect he deserved. When the crowd became silent again, Tom finished with what I thought was a practical suggestion: “How about adopting a section of secondary road in order to learn first-hand about the conditions.” Groups have in the past adopted sections of highway to clean up litter. So why not our country roads? Could we not pick up litter that might clog county machinery and help cut parsnip before it blooms? We need to listen respectfully to all perspectives.

I want to apologize to Tom publicly for the behavior that did not demonstrate the fairness that must prevail in our public meetings. While it is good to be passionate, compassion and the First Amendment will hold our community together.


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