Ask your repub candidates – WHY?

By Dave Ameling, Ossian

Sadly, Iowa’s state motto ‘our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain’ has been changed by our Iowa’s repubs to ‘our power we prize and our rule we will maintain!’ 
To do this, repubs attacked teachers and schools for daring to teach subjects that they taught for decades to all, including the repubs. Repubs stated schools have a “sinister agenda” but NEVER revealed the agenda. Repubs modified the math curriculum. 2.5 now equals 8.6. the new budget increased school funding 2.5% to equal the 8.6% inflation rate. New math revisited. 
Repubs attacked libraries for daring to provide material for the general public for decades, including repubs. Repubs want to ban “subversive” material, changing libraries into cult 45 repositories.  
Repubs assaulted teachers and public unions by arbitrarily gutting Chapter 20/PERA, removing most of a 47-year-old, bipartisan law that worked. The law ended decades of continuous strikes. Now, the unions cannot even negotiate COVID remedies.  
Repubs again attacked voting while again providing no evidence of fraud.
Expect no answers from repubs. My questions, from townhalls, texts, etc., from the last couple years are still unanswered. Simple one-word questions – WHY? I can surmise an answer from a legislator’s comment at a Waukon townhall – “We make the laws. No one should overrule us.” Building from that you get “We make the laws. Not you the people.” Ask your repub candidates – WHY???? Please. 
Dave Ameling, 

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