‘… defeat them at the ballot box’

By Ann Hart Waukon, IA

Dear Editor:

The Alabama Supreme Court has ruled that frozen embryos created through in vitro fertilization (IVF) are considered children under state law and subject to the wrongful death of a minor law, if one is destroyed. Ridiculous you say? Representative Ashley Hinson must not think so, as she is a sponsor for the Life At Conception Act along with 123 other Republicans.

The Republican Party has become a patriarchal theocracy. They seek to control a woman’s body. They intend to control our reproductive freedom, our right to abortion, IVF, and soon, contraception. The US Supreme Court is deciding the legality for the distribution of mifepristone, often known as the morning after pill. This is frequently given to women who have been raped, though not in Iowa, as Attorney General Brenna Bird does not believe in it.

Iowa women, have you not had enough? It is the Republicans who are banning books. It is the Republicans who are rewriting our history. It is the Republicans who control funding for education. It is the Republicans who want to control what they refer to as “recreational sex.” It is Republicans who want to control you.

It is up to women, and those who support us, to defeat them at the ballot box.

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