Time to vote all blue

By Dave Ameling, Ossian

Less than a month until the elections. November 8th. Mail-in ballots have 20 days to be sent by the county, received, and mailed back by November 8th. Mail can take 14+ days. Our congress knew that. Remember 2018 = 29 votes, 2020 = 22 votes. 
Tim Lecander is running for House District 63, all of Winneshiek, Howard, and part of Fayette counties. He has been crisscrossing the district listening to and answering voters questions while stating his views on issues. 
  His opponent has not been seen or heard from (by me). Website is August and no issues. I have asked him a question about the voting restrictions at the last, few townhalls over the years. NO ANSWERS! It is a simple, one word question – WHY?  
His record speaks volumes. Chapter 20/PERA was arbitrarily gutted (the unions could not negotiate COVID)! Voting has been continually restricted. Education and women’s health have been continually underfunded and attacked. Water is crappy. Roads suck. MCO is a disaster. But we have an untouchable surplus! 
Liz Mathis, Deidre Dejear, Admiral Mike Franken crisscross our region stating their plans. Their opponents appear in safe, secure sanctuaries. 
I am reminded of a quote from a repub House member at a townhall. She said, “WE make the laws! NO ONE should be able to overrule them!” Extrapolating that you get “Our POWER we prize and our RULE we will maintain!” 
Dave Ameling, Ossian


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