Vote NO on Iowa’s Reckless Gun Amendment

By David Bakken MD, Decorah

Framers and promoters of Iowa’s proposed Gun Law Constitutional Amendment have been disingenuous, deceiving Iowans. The law is portrayed as patriotic, but under close examination it is irresponsible and dangerous. How can that be?
  Research confirms permissive gun laws increase gun violence and homicide rates. Knowing the second amendment, Iowans still overwhelmingly agree that citizens deemed dangerous, suicidal, or otherwise unstable should not keep and bear arms. 
Consider that Mississippi, a state with permissive “shall issue, permit-less carry” gun laws has 28.6 firearm-related deaths per 100,000 persons annually. That’s more than seven times Massachusetts 3.7 firearm-related deaths per 100,000 persons where common sense public safety gun laws have existed for decades. 
Unfortunately, gun laws have become a highly politicized and emotionally charged issue. Any gun laws perceived to be restrictive, even if proven effective for limiting harm to Iowans, has or likely will be challenged in court. The proposed Iowa constitutional amendment requires “strict scrutiny “, the highest level of legal challenge. That means even common sense gun laws, current or future, will be at risk.
While appearing benign at first glance, if enacted this nefarious amendment sets the stage to provide Iowans with disastrous results. Will Iowans prefer to follow the example of Mississippi or Massachusetts?
Vote NO on Iowa’s Reckless Gun Amendment on November 8.

David Bakken MD
Decorah, Iowa

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