SW qualifies 14, Trojans 10 for state

By Becky Walz,

It’s time to pack your bags Warrior and Trojan fans.
The South Winn track teams will have 14 events take the Blue Oval at the state track meet, while the Trojans will have 10.
The SW boys ran away with the team title at Thursday’s qualifying meet with 139 points. MFL MarMac was the next closest with 92. The Warriors will see seven events take center stage in the final meet of the 2021 season. Turkey Valley finished the night in seventh place with 49 points, qualifying three relays for state.
In the girls’ race it was Turkey Valley edged by Central Elkader at the end of the night for the team title. Central garnered 95 points, followed by the Trojans’ 91. South Winn wrapped 72 points to finish fifth. Taking the spotlight for TV at state will be six events. The Warriors will have seven events on the Blue Oval.

Qualifying process
In Class 1A, the champion entry for each event from every state qualifying site automatically advance to the state meet. In addition, the next best 14 times/distances also advance, making it 24 entries per event.

To the big time
Two seniors will take part in field events for the Warriors. Emmaleigh Ohrt will make her state debut as a two seed in the discus after throwing the weight 123 feet 11 inches Thursday to win. Finishing third with a leap of 15 feet 5.25 inches, Emma Houdek will make her second trip to state in the long jump. She enters Thursday’s event seeded 23rd.
Billie Wagner’s pair of runner-up finishes in the distance races earned her an at-large bid to the state meet. Crossing the finish line of the 1500-meter run in 5:07.59, the sophomore is seeded fourth for Saturday’s event. But first, Wagner will compete in Thursday’s 3000-meter run as the fifth seed with her qualifying time of 11:20.58. Joining Wagner on the track for the 1500-meter run is fellow sophomore Megan Hageman. Her seed time of 5:23.92, earns her a 16th seed. Eryn Sabelka will also be competing as an individual after finishing third in the 800-meter run in 2:26.02. She will compete Saturday as a fourth seed.
One relay will be on the track during the three-day event for the SW girls. M. Hageman, Josie Tieskoetter, Wagner and Sabelka had a tie of 10:24.00, good for second at meet. They are eighth in the state heading into the big meet.
The boys will have four individuals and three relays competing at state.
Dominic Sisneros was the lone Warrior to punch an automatic bid to state, breaking the tape in the 400-meter hurdles in 58.66 seconds. The senior is seeded 18th. Senior Jacob Herold will take the tack in the 200-meter dash. He finished second in the event in 23.42 seconds. He is seeded 22nd for the prelims. Isaiah Kruckman posted a time of 10:30.14 in the 3200-meter run for a runner-up finish. The junior is seeded 18th. Although Sam Conway crossed the finish line fourth in 100-meter dash, the junior managed to earn an at-large bid with his time of 11.57 seconds and is seeded 17th.
The quartet of Cael Kuboushek, Evan Bushman, S. Conway and Herold will be on the track twice at state. Both the 4×100 and 4×200 will compete Friday as they enter the 4×100 prelims with the third-fastest time in the state. The 4×200 is seeded ninth.
The third-place distance medley team of Zach Taylor, Sisneros, Logan Hageman and Toby Conway snuck their way into the state field as the 24th and final seed with a time of 3:49.77.

Trojan 10
The Turkey Valley girls will have seven events at Drake, with Jalyssa Blazek being a part of four.
Individually, Olivia Snyder crossed second in the 100-meter finish line in 13.16 seconds, earning a bid on time and a 10th seed. Blazek finished the night as the 800-meter run champion in a time of 2:22.23 with the top time in the state entering Saturday’s race.
Josie Weber, Cambree Kruse, Jaycie Byrne and Blazek hit a new personal best in the 4×800, posting a time of 10:13.57 to earn the chance to compete Thursday afternoon as the fifth seed.
Kara Reicks, J. Weber, Byrne and Blazek made their mark in the record books Thursday, taking down a 49-year-old record held by Lisa Donn, Kathy Schmitt, Marie Kuennen and Carolyn Blong. The distant medley quartet will race Friday afternoon. Their time of 4:19.17 is the best in Class 1A by three seconds.
The sprint medley relay flew down the track for a new school record time of 1:51.62. Members of the relay are Reicks, Clare Courtney, Snyder and Blazek. The previous record was set in 1984 by Kim Kruse, Lisa Croatt, Jolene Lensing and Rose Speltz.
Earning a state bid on time, the 4×100 relay of Reicks, Snyder, Courtney and Kylie Wurzer enter the prelims in 22nd place with a time of 53.24 seconds.
A time of 1:52.11 gave the 4×200 relay a gold medal and a 17th seed in Class 1A as Courtney, J. Weber, Snyder and Byrne look forward to competing Friday afternoon.
Trojan fans will see a three boys’ relay teams compete at Drake Stadium.
The lone automatic qualifier was the distance medley. Marcus Herold, Chase Hayek, Kalvin Langreck and Noah Hanson won the district with a blazing time of 3:44.71. That tine earned them the fifth seed.
Speedsters Carson Busta, Herold, Hanson and Langreck will combine in the sprint medley. The took second Thursday in 1:37.23. They have an 11th seed for Saturday’s race.
The 4×800 relay will take the track Thursday afternoon. Hayek, Hanson, Dylan Reicks and Langreck garnered second Thursday in 8:34.02. However, that time garnered them the 11th seed at state.

Class 1A District 3 boys’ team scores
1. South Winn 139; 2. MFL MarMac 92; 3. Maquoketa Valley 91; 4. Ed-Co 77; 5. Easton Valley 56; 6. Midland 52; 7. Turkey Valley 49; 8. Clayton Ridge 42; 9. Kee High 33; 10. Starmont 32; 11. East Buchanan 30; 12. Central Elkader 22; 13. Prince of Peace 19

Class 1A District 3 girls’ team scores
1. Central Elkader 95; 2. Turkey Valley 91; 3. Maquoketa Valley 88; 4. Kee High 83; 5. South Winn 72; 6. Starmont 68; 7. Marquette Catholic 40; 8. Clayton Ridge 39; 9. Easton Valley 33; 9. Ed-Co 33; 11. Midland 32; 12. East Buchanan 27; 13. Prince of Peace 25; 14. MFL MarMac 8

Girls’ individual results
*denotes state qualifier
Long jump – 3. Emma Houdek, SW, 15’5.25”*; 7. Breanna Moudry, TV, 14’8”; 14. Aubrey Hoffert, TV, 11’8.5”
Shot put – 8. Aleah Hackman, TV, 34’4”; 11. Jacqlyn Schmitt, TV, 31’3.25”; 13. Emmaleigh Ohrt, SW, 30’4.75”; 20. Emma Barness, SW, 27’9.5”
Discus – 1. Emmaleigh Ohrt, SW, 123’11”*; 6. Emma Barness, SW, 100’2”; 8. Aleah Hackman, TV, 94”0”; 10. Jacqlyn Schmitt, TV, 87’7”; 
100m – 2. Olivia Snyder, TV, 13.16*; 7. Clare Courtney, TV, 13.82; 23. Quinn Kruckman, SW, 17.08
200m – 10. Kourtney Schmidt, TV, 30.99; 18. Sayler Drilling, TV, 32.40; 19. Aubrey Willey, SW, 33.54; 24. Quinn Kruckman, SW, 39.45
400m – 5. Halle Weber, TV, 1:08.23; 10. Olivia Drilling, TV, 1:12.72; 15. Aubrey Willey, SW, 1:15.45; 18. Ella Willey, SW, 1:16.45
800m – 1. Jalyssa Blazek, TV, 2:22.23*; 3. Eryn Sabelka, SW, 2:26.02*; 6. Josie Tieskoetter, SW, 2:35.69; 7. Cambree Kruse, TV, 2:39.80
1500m – 2. Billie Wagner, SW, 5:07.59*; 3. Megan Hageman, SW, 5:23.92*; 13. Hailey Elsbernd, TV, 6:18.96
3000m – 2. Billie Wagner, SW, 11:20.58*; 8. Anna Dietzenbach, SW, 12:39.93
100m hurdles – 6. Kylie Wurzer, TV, 17.27; 11. Hannah Franzen, SW, 18.69; 13. Josie Hageman, SW, 19.65; 18. Sophia Adams, TV, 20.59
400m hurdles – 6. Brianna Busta, TV, 1:19.00; 9. Olivia Drilling, TV, 1:25.19
Shuttle hurdle – 5. Sophia Adams, Brianna Busta, Breanna Moudry, Kylie Wurzer, TV, 1:18.54; 6. Hannah Franzen, Gabby Becker, Emma Houdek, Josie Hageman, SW, 1:19.80
4×100 – 2. Kara Reicks, Olivia Snyder, Clare Courtney, Kylie Wurzer, TV, 53.24*; 10. Morgan Kriener, Alison Heying, Gabby Becker, Hannah Franzen, SW, 59.24
4×200 – 1. Clare Courtney, Josie Weber, Snyder, Jaycie Byrne, TV, 1:52.11*; 6. Houdek, Alison Heying, Morgan Kriener, Gabby Becker, SW, 2:01.31
4×400 – 5. Josie Tieskoetter, Eryn Sabelka, Megan Hageman, Emma Houdek, SW, 4:26.67; 6. Josie Weber, Cambree Kruse, Kourtney Schmitt, Jaycie Byrne, TV, 4:32.53
4×800 – 1. Josie Weber, Cambree Kruse, Jaycie Byrne, Blazek, TV, 10:13.57*; 2. Megan Hageman, Josie Tieskoetter, Billie Wagner, Eryn Sabelka, SW, 10:24.00*
Sprint medley – 1. Kara Reicks, Clare Courtney, Olivia Snyder, Jalyssa Blazek, TV, 1:51.62*; 6. Josie Hageman, Gabby Becker, Morgan Kriener, Josie Tollefsrud, SW, 2:08.99
Distance medley – 1. Kara Reicks, Josie Weber, Jaycie Byrne, Jalyssa Blazek, TV, 4:19.17*; 9. Hannah Franzen, Alison Heying, Josie Tollefsrud, Anna Dietzenbach, SW, 5:13.51

Boys’ individual results
*denotes state qualifier

High jump – 4. Dominic Sisneros, SW, 5’6”
Long jump – 4. Nick Holien, SW, 19’1”; 5. Carson Busta, TV, 18’8.75”; 6. Ethan Luzum, SW, 18’0.5”; 14. Robert Kruse, TV, 14’5.5”
Shot put – 4. Ethan Timp, SW, 44’6”; 6. Marcus Herold, TV, 42’0.5”; 9. Parker Timp, SW, 38’9”
Discus – 4. Ethan Timp, SW, 121’5”; 7. Keagen Streeter, SW, 106’11
100m – 4. Sam Conway, SW, 11.57*; 6. Cael Kuboushek, SW, 11.74; 15. Troy Schmitt, TV, 12.91; 18. Treyton Hulbert, TV, 13.98
200m – 2. Jacob Herold, SW, 23.42*; 6. Zach Taylor, SW, 25.03; 17. Robert Kruse, TV, 28.62; 18. Treyton Hulbert, TV, 29.68
400m – 5. Collin Wiltgen, SW, 57.15; 9. Ryan Franzen, TV, 58.23; 13. JT Monroe, SW, 1:00.17; 18. Robert Kruse, TV, 1:04.05
800m – 5. Toby Conway, SW, 2:12.82; 11. Omar Flores, SW, 2:17.99; 12. Ryan Franzen, TV, 2:21.32; 15. Russell Nieman, TV, 2:32.32
1600m – 2. Isaiah Kruckman, SW, 4:56.38; 3. Chance Adam, SW, 4:59.13; 14. Dale Schwamman, TV, 5:40.08
3200m – 2. Isaiah Kruckman, SW, 10:30.14*; 4. Chance Adam, SW, 10:50.47; 7. Russell Nieman, TV, 11:38.04; 8. Dale Schwamman, TV, 12:01.90
110m hurdles – 3. Keagen Streeter, SW, 17.14; 6. Shawn Israel, SW, 19.13; 8. Oliver Schmitt, TV, 20.34
400m hurdles – 1. Dominic Sisneros, SW, 58.66*; 3. Keagen Streeter, SW, 1:00.13; 12. Garrett Dietzenbach, TV, 1:08.80; 13. Oliver Schmitt, TV, 1:08.82
Shuttle hurdle – 3. Keagen Streeter, Parker Timp, Brady Ohrt, Dominic Sisneros, SW, 1:11.38; 6. Oliver Schmitt, Calvin Bodensteiner, Carson Busta, Garrett Dietzenbach, TV, 1:19.17
4×100 – 2. Cael Kuboushek, Evan Bushman, Sam Conway, Jacob Herold, SW, 44.34*; 9. Troy Schmitt, Carson Busta, Calvin Bodensteiner, Dylan Reicks, 49.57
4×200 – 3. Evan Bushman, Cael Kuboushek, Sam Conway, Jacob Herold, SW, 1:33.78*; 6. Troy Schmitt, Burke Busta, Calvin Bodensteiner, Dylan Reicks, TV, 1:42.72
4×400 – 3. Chase Hayek, Noah Hanson, Marcus Herold, Kalvin Langreck, TV, 3:40.59; 6. Ethan Luzum, Logan Hageman, Zach Taylor, Collin Wiltgen, SW, 3:57.64
4×800 – 2. Chase Hayek, Noah Hanson, Dylan Reicks, Kalvin Langreck, TV, 8:34.02*; 6. Omar Flores, Ethan Maldonado, Hunter Wagner, Brody Tieskoetter, 9:41.21
Sprint medley – 2. Carson Busta, Marcus Herold, Noah Hanson, Kalvin Langreck, TV, 1:37.23*; 6. Ethan Luzum, Cael Kuboushek, Sam Conway, Evan Bushman, SW, 1:40.02
Distance medley – 1. Marcus Herold, Chase Hayek, Kalvin Langreck, Noah Hanson, TV, 3:44.71*; 3. Zach Taylor, Dominic Sisneros, Logan Hageman, Toby Conway, SW, 3:49.77*

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